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Hope you’re all doing great. Today I wanted to talk about fall/winter 2016 trends and what I myself look forward to adding to my closet for the upcoming fall/winter season. I already did a post on the shoes I have collected so far for the season and so would like to talk about what I would get to go with those 😉

The first trend I am excited about is

Faux Suede– Jackets, dresses and even shoes or bags !!..

I got my faux suede shoes and over the knee boots that I am looking forward to wearing and plan to pair them with skinny jeans and even wide leg trousers!

A few  great options I love ..

suede jacket

This faux suede jacket from ASOS is a great example of the suede trend in clothing. I love the colour of this jacket ,also its cropped length is great if you want to pair it with wide leg trousers or skinny jeans or even a skirt for that matter. ..its available on Asos

Also faux suede dresses are great option .. this one available at Nordstrom and would look  great with boots and a great jacket and some winter accessories and it would take you all the way through winter 😉

sude dress

Velvet- is another fall/winter 2016 trend.. velvet accessories too are a great option if you’re not sure if you want a clothing item in velvet. and

Wide-leg trousers seem to be everywhere and if styled right look great as an alternate to the straight or skinny leg trouser. This wide leg, embroidered trouser from Zara is a great option if you want three trends in one..hehehe..velvet, embroidered and wide-leg!



This particular one is available at Zara

The wide-leg trousers also look great with cropped sweaters or bodysuits which are another item that have come back in fashion lately!



This Velvet bodysuit from Zara available here is a great choice as it can be dressed up or down and on a skirt or trousers will look simple yet chic.


Another trend worth looking into is the frayed hemmed jeans.. this is such an easy trend to follow as its a cool way to get your jeans to look trendy and will suit everyone!!


This one here is quite extreme but you can see these hems everywhere and finding one that suits your taste should not be a problem 🙂

This particular one is available on ASOS here

Another trend this season is big, extreme sleeves and here is an idea what it looks like 😉


This top is available at Zara here. I have seen this trend a lot in tops and though cute can be a little difficult to wear on petite people a.k.a me!.. it can be a bit overwhelming and truth be told I haven’t found a style yet that is flattering on me ;(

One that I am excited about is lace it has been around for sometime now and even this season can be seen all over in dresses, tops and skirts etc. lace dresses and tops are so feminine and forgiving at the same time that its worth investing in a lovely lacy number this fall/winter ! 😉


This dress from Asos available here is so pretty and it s not all lace but the details make it even more interesting I think. I also find this top very pretty and easy to style.. it can be dressed down for a night out with jeans or up with a skirt and heels 😉

lace top


available here at Macy’s

Hope you enjoyed this post and look forward to adding some of these trends to your fall/winter wardrobe. There are of course many more trends that may be out there but I chose the ones I found fun and interesting, another one to look into is embroidered tops, bottoms etc.. its fun and a cute embroidered number may be just what you need to give your wardrobe that added punch and interest… so enjoy the trends and pick and choose the ones you find fun and flattering!! The pics I have inserted are all items currently available and I have provided the links to them at the bottom. Happy shopping!!

Enjoy your weekend and hope you have a great week ahead!

As always, stay stylish!


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