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Hope you’re all having a great week and looking forward to doing something exciting for Halloween!!.

Want to talk to you about my recent short trip to Vietnam. I am someone who loves to travel and every travel destination I make is always something that gives me a lot of happiness and pleasure.  We went for a very short break over my sons mid-term holidays. The aim was a place nearby and within the budget 😉 .. we finally chose Da Nang, Vietnam. It is a short hour and a half flight from Hong Kong which made it ideal for such a short trip.. it was off season as its now monsoon or rainy season there but we were lucky as even though it did rain, it only rained in the night and was pleasant and also a bit hot during the day. Overall, a great destination for a super relaxing and fun trip.

I love to sample the food of the place I go to and this place is ideal for delicious seafood and great coffee!!.so yes, my holiday was set.. the beach, good food and drink.. happy, happy me!!

Here is a little exert from the web telling you a bit about Da Nang.

Da Nang
City in Vietnam
Da Nang is a coastal city in central Vietnam known for its sandy beaches and history as a French colonial port. It’s a popular base for visiting the inland Bà Nà hills. Here the Hải Vân Pass has views of Da Nang Bay and the Marble Mountains, 5 limestone outcrops that are home to pagodas and caves containing Buddhist shrines.

I hope in this post to tell you a bit about the place and also show you my travel outfits for a beach trip.. hope you enjoy 😉

We arrived at Da Nang airport early in the evening and were surprised to see it was already dark.. apparently it turns dark by 6 pm there during this time of year!!.. Anyways, we took a taxi to our Resort which turned out to be way out, away from the hustle and bustle of Da Nang city centre. This was good and bad as we would find out in the days ahead.

The villa we stayed in was huge and we were excited as we are usually used to staying in a hotel room that you are forced to all be in the same room as each other all the time.. here we had a living room, kitchen and two bedrooms so it was a refreshing change  ;-).. my husband could watch his football games, my son could sit and watch his anime on his computer and I could walk around doing silly things, without being in each others way!!.



Sorry I dont have a full view of the villa ;-(

The first day we just went to dinner as it was already dinnertime when we reached, the next day too was a lazy day by the beach and just chilling .. doing nothing much.. we had lunch at the resort and went out to the City centre for dinner.. sadly we had not researched well and ate at a restaurant that food was nothing special, but we lucked out on the coffee house just next to it called Cong Cafe.. I had some delicious Coconut coffee which was like a dessert and an  after dinner drink in one.. yumm


We planned for the next day though as we wanted to put in a day of sight seeing.. my husband had read about the marble mountains and the village of Hoi An.. both of which we decided to do on the same day.. yes tiring but then we planned to rest the day after .. 😉

The Marble Mountains which were about half an hours drive were nothing spectacular to look at I must admit, but going into the cave built into the mountain was quite an experience and that is where I was wowed by the marble carvings and the inside of the mountain..





Now I will admit that though the trek into the mountain was very interesting and awe inspiring it was also a little bit creepy and scary to me.. lets just say some of the carvings were very unnerving .. but it was a trip worth the effort. Also, as you may notice in the snaps.. I was extremely hot and sweaty ;-(

After a trip to the mountain and oh yes, first to the marble shop where we were taken by our taxi driver .. who thought that would be more fun for us than actually seeing the mountains??

Sadly we had to spend time there looking at stuff we didn’t intend buying. The stuff was good and if I had a bigger house here in Hong Kong I would have got something but I wasn’t interested as I have no space for any more statues!

After that whole experience we set off for lunch to the village of Hoi An, which according to the tourist guide is a must see.. so yeah.. off we went.. and yes, the taxi driver decided he knew the best place for us to eat.. which turned out to be this small restaurant run by a local family..it was good.. we had chicken rice and bbq pork served with rice paper and fresh veggies, and grilled pork with rice and also, baby clams with rice and fresh veggies which had a lot of mint leaves!.. all washed down with some tiger beer and coconut water for my son.

Some pics of the village of Hoi An..






Hoi An was definitely worth exploring more but we didn’t have the time and were tired from our earlier trip to the marble mountains so decided to head back to Da Nang and get ready to try some local cuisine.

Oh yes, on our way back we decided to check out the Han market which is in the City Centre.. but unfortunately nothing interesting there.

Some local foods and salted fish, coffee etc.. and shoes and clothes on the next level but nothing that caught my interest ;-(

The next day we spent at the hotel, relaxing in the morning.. in the evening since it was our last day there decided to go for a well deserved seafood dinner.. again upon the recommendation from our local taxi driver we went to this seafood restaurant that served all sorts of fresh seafood..ready to be ordered and served how you liked it… fried, bbq etc.. they would tell you the options they offered.. we did have quite a spread by the time I was done with the ordering.







Fresh oysters served with lemon.



Beef fried rice.



Scallops cooked with onion and friend onion on top.



Lobster fried with garlic.. the name of the restaurant was Cua Do Restaurant on My Khe beach.

Some other food we enjoyed was the Vietnamese Beef salad , (pictured below).. also the Beef soup noodles. I did not eat any pho when I was there sadly as I wanted to sample other foods..



That was the end of our adventures in Da Nang.. it was off to the hotel.. and pack and sleep as next day we would be taking our flight back to Hong Kong.. it was a short fun trip.

Outfits of the day in  Da Nang -Now for my outfits and things I carried on this trip with regards to fashion and beauty… I was limited to 7 kgs by my husband who did not want to wait for check in bags .. sigh.. so I complied.. but it was tough.. I took just one bag and a hand bag.. shocker.. yes, to me definitely.

I put in two pairs of shorts and a 4 tops.. a shirt and two dresses.. but I must pat myself on the back as I did not overpack which I always tend to do. I put in shoes and a bag that would match all my outfits.. hehehe.. a white pair of sandals and silver pair of flip flops and wore my walking shoes as they were the heaviest.. oooh and I got the pair I am wearing with my black dress from Da Nang.. cheap and comfy.. but not very durable.





For my beauty essentials… my most important was my GHD straightener.. sadly because of the humidity my hair looks anything but straight!!

My other beauty products I managed to put in my toiletry bag that has separate compartments and a hanging hook.. which was so great as I could hang it in the bathroom 😉 got it at Victorias Secret some time back.

I took only the bare necessities when it came to make-up as I didn’t need all that much for a five day trip!.. where two days were really just travelling to and fro.

Hope you enjoyed reading this long post and got some ideas or inspiration to plan your next short get away.


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