Hi Everyone,

Sorry I have been MIA for so long but I’ve been on vacation to France- Paris and Lourdes…yes, it was wonderful and I would love to live there and be a Parisien eating baguettes and drinking wine for the rest of my life and still looking so stylish and slim…. sigh..  daydreaming again.. ok back to my post!!

As I mentioned in one of my earlier vacation posts.. I am NOT a light packer I love to have options when I’m travelling and so that leads to me packing a few more things than I actually use..sigh..but I have kind of got the hang of things and am able to manage with not being overweight (baggage I mean 😉

I chose to carry a selection of different types of styles.. like a couple dresses as it was going to still be relatively warm in Paris, a couple of slacks as they are super comfy and also light weight to carry, one pair of jeans as they are great for just throwing on a  sweater and cardigan or jacket when the weather is cooler, and one skirt. Couple of bright coloured sweaters that add colour to your wardrobe so you’re not always all neutral and black. I think with tan skin bright colours look so great and all tan women need to wear more colour.


Here for a visit to the Louvre I wore the only skirt I carried a jersey material so very comfortable. I chose to wear it with a printed top from Zara, the top being very boxy I wore my cropped denim jacket to give some shape to the silhouette..



Another thing you have to excuse in the photographs is the layout, my mum who is a complete novice at using my camera took these photos.. 😉


Outfits where I used the slacks I took along..


A couple outfits where I wore my bright coloured sweaters to add some colour to my outfit.. the days were extremely cold in Lourdes even though it was sunny and bright.. which was great ..



I had to resort to take photos of myself in the mirror..hhehehe.. but I want to mention this Parka I bought at Zara before I left for the trip.. this was a lifesaver I used it almost everyday..as you can see in my posts..it was lightweight..so I could walk in it all day without it weighing me down and also protected me from the wind and rain.. it was not very warm so you would have to wear a couple of layers underneath if the weather was cold. I wore it with a cami and sweater here for added warmth.



jeans and sweater kinda day ..


Here I wore my dusty pink jacket I bought in Lourdes.. with the exception of a dusty pink sweater (yes both pieces of clothing were in the same colour!!) .. these were the only two pieces of clothing I bought.. patting myself on the back right now..

Hope you enjoyed this post and since the outfits are so many I will try and put links to pieces of clothing that are similar in style ..

Zara Parka – Could not find the same one but similar available here

Red Sweater– Zara available here


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