Hi Everyone,

This post comes to you from Hong kong after my week long stay in Tokyo..it was a whirlwind trip..super exciting and super fast..just like the pace of Tokyo.. but so much fun.

Hope you enjoy these images of travel friendly outfits.. I must admit I am not a light packer..just can never get the hang of travelling light..it does not happen.. I always get scared of not having enough of a choice or not taking what I need etc… so yes my suitcase is always loaded with more than I need.. 😉


The black travel pouch is from Muji and the pink one from Victorias Secret..both were absolutely great at keeping things organised both in the suitcase and in the bath room so things are not strewn all over.. highly recommend!



Ok slightly boring but comfy outfit for travelling.. I like to choose something that will not look a complete mess by the end of the flight.. this picture was taken at the end of the flight 😉


This outfit was worn to go walking around and shopping so wore comfy shoes and carried a long cardigan for comfort when it got cold in the bus or cafe etc.. my straw bag was light and held a lot of stuff.. convenient when walking around picking up unnecessary holiday inspired items..;-)


This outfit was also very comfy with a japanese inspired print dress from Zara and my coral bag.. also carried the black cardigan with me.


This one was inspired by my ‘furbie’ t-shirt bought at H&M and styled it with my gap shorts and super comfy Vans bought in Japan.


These shoes are just what I was looking for.. very, very comfortable.  Shoes – Vans.


This was worn to go to the Tsukiji fish market.. so wore my rubber flip flops from Gap ..didn’t want to take the chance of ruining a good pair of shoes.. Top – Zara, Shorts- H&M, Bag- Marks and Spencers.


This outfit was chosen to do a lot of walking …Jeans- Marks and Spencers, Top- H&M, Shoes- Vans.


This was my outfit to go back to Hong kong.. chose my leggings from UNI QLO, Top- Gap, Cardigan – UNI QLO, Shoes- Vans, Bag- Zara.

Now for some food pics for you ;-)…another one of my passions ..


Local trout with rice and japanese pickles and miso soup..


My sons favourite dish – Hamburg steak served with veggies and fries.


My husbands favourite dish- Breaded chicken cutlet with japanese style curry and steamed rice.


At the Tsujiki fish market- Rice bowl with crab and miso soup!


Traditional Japanese style meal served – Soba noodles, tempura, sushi and pickles, miso  soup and a baked egg dish (not sure exactly what it was but had egg and seafood) , and dessert!!.

Hope you feel inspired by this post to do a Japanese holiday yourself.. have a great day everyone!



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