Hi Everyone, Hope you’re having a great week.. Its Friday and the weekend is almost upon us..yoohoo.. Tomorrow I intend to style one of these favourite winter trends that I am loving currently which is the oversized scarf!..lets hope all goes well and I am able to get some nice pics of the outfit I have in mind. Anyhoo, today I wanted to talk a little about trends and my personal favs for this upcoming winter season.. if you’re like… Read more »

Hi Everyone, Today was a warm day here in Hong Kong.. so warm that it almost didn’t feel like we are already in October!..sigh.. thought it would be time to wear my boots and jackets but feels like the only comfortable attire is shorts or linen trousers!.. with tank tops, as its really, really warm…hmmm..did I already mention that? My outfit for the day was inspired by my lacy top got on sale at H&M… I have seen this top… Read more »