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Hope everyone’s having a great day!!.. happy summer holidays!!. Today being saturday it ‘s a wonderful lazy day for our family.. my son, husband and me woke up late and it felt wonderful as the summer holidays have started!! …yay!

Yesterday, I went to Central (downtown in HK 😉 )  .. to hit the new Zara store that has opened up there with four floors for clothing.. men,women and children!!.. had a quick lunch with husband which consisted of Roti, Beef Rendang and thai sweet and sour fish.. oooohh.. after that full tummy I wasn’t prepared to face the mad rush that was in the store..and I must admit was feeling a little like taking a short nap in the changing rooms which took forever to get to due to the long line..;-(..but..by the end of the running around, waiting in line etc..managed to get a dress, a pair of sandals (both of which I featured in my post today) ..so if you feel like you want them rush on out and grab them before they go ..;-))

My dress is this casual but at the same time can be worn to the office with a blazer kinda dress, the sandals I had my eye on earlier this season when I saw them on the zara website but didn’t feel I could spend the amount.. but now that I got them on sale,.. I think they were meant to be mine!!



Now this is the only dress I picked up as I really don’t need any more summer clothes..but then again.. when I saw this dress..I thought..weeelll…maybe this dress will be really useful to throw on to go anywhere really..ahahahaha..I love it!!


I love going to the beach..I can see it from my house and it calls out to me on these wonderfully hot and humid summer days…



For my accessories, I wore my ‘bug’ sandals from Zara and pulled out my white H&M bag that I got last year..so cute..very light and easy to wear only thing is I have to keep it in a dust bag or clear plastic to keep it from getting off coloured. My nails- I had seen this new trend of white or off-white opaque coloured nails and went to look out in my favourite nail polish store in HK..Cher2 in Central .. I got OPI’s Sweet heart which I thought would fit the bill..but sadly after I got home and tried it on..it was too sheer..;-( .. so I had to put on at least 5 coats before it got to the shade I wanted..and sadly still not satisfied…the search continues…

Outfit details

Dress- Zara available on sale here

Sandals- Zara, sadly cannot find them on the site ..but these here are great too.

Bag – H&M similar available here

Watch- Swatch, Sunglasses- Mango, Rings- My wedding rings and another gold one bought ages ago in Bahrain, Earrings- Swarovski, Chain- Juicy Couture.

Have a great weekend all !!


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