Hi Everyone,

I apologize for the lack of posts after Christmas.. just been a lot of changes at home and I didn’t feel up to doing a post.

Today I was inspired to do a post on soft colours for Valentines day.. I know, Valentines day is just another ordinary day to most, who feel it way too frivolous a holiday to celebrate. But its a day to enjoy spending some time with the ones you love, boyfriend, husband, children, parents, siblings or even friends. So I think dressing up for the occasion just makes it all the more fun!

I chose to wear soft pastels (even though its not yet Valentines day for another 14 days ) just an inspirational outfit for the day that I might wear if going out ;-).  My Zara blouse I bought a few months back along with my Joni jeans. I wore my dusty pink jacket bought some time ago and not really been able to wear as its been quite cold.. but the days seem to be getting warmer and I can wear this jacket again! 😉







My new purchase is my Zara mini bag!.. the mini bags are all over and the new trend in bags but most are so small that its impossible to think of carrying them anywhere without having to worry about all the stuff you need to leave behind.. even though they look so freakishly cute!. This bag though, even it looks tiny has quite a bit of space inside for stuff you need to carry around.. or maybe I just loved it so much that was willing to sacrifice carrying along tons of stuff I don’t really need but carry around with me anyway 😉

Outfit details

Top – Zara (old) similar type available here

Jacket- Cache Cache similar style available here

Jeans- Topshop Joni jeans

Shoes- Forever21, love these ones available here

Bag- Zara available here

Bracelet and Earrings – Gift from a friend.

Hope you all have a great week ahead!!


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