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Today I thought of doing a post on a skin care product I have used for a few weeks now and am enjoying. It is not a new product but new to me as I have not used it before 😉

It is the Body Shop Warming Mineral Mask – I love this for a pamper evening or to be used before a night out to liven up and brighten your skin, as its so relaxing and your skin feels super clean after. I must say though be sure to keep it on only for the recommended 5 mins as longer may be too drying for mature skin. Also, I need to put on a good moisturiser after, to give my skin some moisture back.

After washing if of my skin does look brighter and tighter!!..hahahaha… I think mature skin will tend to feel dry after washing it off but nothing a good moisturiser cannot help.

It does not have a strong fragrance which is one of it plus points.

The Body Shop claims are

This cleansing mask for all skin types warms on contact with wet skin. It leaves skin clean and revitalised.
Weekly treatment

Yes, I agree it feels so good as it warms up on contact with wet skin.. so its ideal after a shower to clean and revitalise skin.

Oil-absorbing, yes my skin did feel dry as I said earlier after washing off the mask.

Weekly treatment- If you have oily skin then this would be a great mask to absorb the excess oil and would also work on combination skin (which I have).. but if you have dry skin then this may be too drying for your skin.








image taken from the Body Shop website.

Hope this review was helpful, incase you are looking out for a good cleansing mask this is great 😉

Have a great week ahead!


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