Hi Everyone,

Hope you’re having a fantastic weekend. Overhere in Hong kong the weather has improved considerably and is now a comfortable 16 degrees celcius!!… yaaay!

Anyhow!, weather aside I recently came across this Indian Actress and was blow away by her fashion and street style… lovin her at the moment!!!.. I am horrible and rubbish at anything related to Bollywood as frankly speaking not really a big fan;( ..sigh.. I do love to watch a good Hindi movie now and again.. one that I have heard or read good reviews about but other than that have no idea what goes on in that glam and glitz world of Bollywood!! I did not notice this actress in a movie though but heard about her when I was down in India.. and looked her up and Voila!!… Celebrity crush!!!… I have no idea how she is at acting or anything else for that matter except that I love her style choices!!..I see so many gorgeous Indian celebrity actresses but their choices in fashion have much to be desired.. but this girl has it spot on!!.. (according to my humble opinion!!) .. many of you may have your favourites I am sure!!.

Ok, her name is Kangana Ranaut!!.. Below are some images that got me thinking !!..Wow, she is good at deciding what looks good on her!!.. kudos to her!!..


Another style choice that is so unexpected but LOVE IT!!


And now I want that Dior bag…hahahaha… and this yellow gown!.. love the look and the makeup..


Now I saw her in a sari and was like WOW!!… Ok maybe getting a bit weird here…



Hmmmm..so this is my Blog post… so here is the madness that is me!!.. wearing a Sari!!…hahahahaha… I adore Saris and mainly because I love the colours and the silks and georgettes that they come in… so beautiful… is it practical?…In India probably yes it is, thousands of ladies wear them everyday!! .. but not really when you’re out of India. You feel like a fish out of water or like being in fancy dress!!

I chose this sari a few years ago..as I had an Indian function to attend and wearing a dress would be considered ridiculous and just plain out silly …soo went on the hunt for ‘the sari’.. (back home in India) this was hanging in a shop display window and caught my eye.. so went inside and tried out many other different styles, materials, colours etc.. till I had the courage to say I wanted the one in the display window (not very courageous sometimes!!) and when I tried it on I was like “yes!!!!.. I want this sari!!”.. it is lightweight made of georgette and has work on it but is still easy enough to walk in for someone who has two left feet as soon as I wear a sari!!

It was also affordable!!.. not a price point where i would be having nightmares thinking about how much I paid for something I might wear twice or thrice in my entire lifetime!!!

Ok here goes.. Now I feel horrid thinking i have just shown you images of the freakishly gorgeous Kangana Ranaut and then my pics in a sari.. but gotta keep it real.. this is real life ladies.. 😉 .. no celebrity stylist or great make-up artists to help out here… so be forgiving.. 😉


The typical ‘Sari Pose’ I saw in some photographs!!…


..hehehehe.. its all for the fun of the photograph..

Then I decided I wanted to put my hair up.. so here goes!!…


And this is the make-up I went for..did it myself, will talk about it tomorrow on Make-up Monday!!…


Now to tell you the important part.. I had to go to Youtube to find out how to drape the sari..Yes, I wear it so rarely that forget how to put it on!!!!

Here is the link that I used on youtube.. I found it extremely helpful!!!…

Also, sadly in my anxiety of wearing a sari I forgot many important details like wearing some nice jewellery..esp. bangles!!!..;(….sigh.. sorry for that… you just have to imagine them being there and also a tikka!!!..sigh.. don’t have any at the moment.

outfit details- Sari bought at a local store in India (Malad)

Earrings- F21

And shoes you cannot see but they are open toed sandals bought in the phillipines!!.. very comfortable and I therefore love them!!

Hope you all enjoyed this post and feel inspired to try on a Sari..hehehe… life is too short not to go all out… enjoy the rest of your weekend!!


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