Hi Everyone,

Hope you are all having a great weekend! W ell, it is rainy and dull and wet and cold here in Hong Kong… so for me that means staying indoors with a hot cup of chai and some McVities chocolate covered digestive biscuits!!..hehehehe… so bad yet sooo good.

Today I wanted to share with you some of my intentions on starting this blog.. Do I think I am a Fashionista!!- No, I don’t actually.. there are sooo many people whose style I admire and whom I would wish to look and be like …some are my friends and family, others are celebrities.. but do I enjoy fashion and is it what I like doing?- Yes!

I enjoy putting clothes together, I enjoy the whole idea of fashion making you feel good, confident and just overall in a better mood!! Also just as we always like our house to look well kept and clean and beautiful why not do the same for ourselves!.. fashion definitely has that effect on me.;-). I enjoy looking at other stylists and how they put clothes, accessories and make-up to make a complete look, to look just gorgeous. I hope to bring motivation and inspiration to my readers not to follow my style or choices blindly but to discover and be inspired, to find your own style.

It has taken me this long to even consider doing anything like this.. it was always a dream to be able to do something in fashion.. even if it means putting myself out there to be ridiculed by others for trying this I am willing to take the chance.. its what I love doing and if you don’t like it, if you feel I am not your cup of tea.. then by all means you never have to come back to this blog ever again.. no one can force you to do that!! ;-))

But to my readers who enjoy it.. this blog is for you guys… I will try to keep it real, to be true to myself and my readers..I am not a size 0 on the contrary constantly battling with myself to maintain a weight that I feel is in keeping with what I feel I can achieve due to my lack of will power to stay away from sweets, chocolates and all things sugary!! so here’s to all of you who enjoy this Blog.thank you and hope I can keep it exciting enough for you to want to come back! 😉

.. xx

Today, I decided to go with two new pieces I picked up from the new collection out at Zara.. love both the pieces.. An abstract print top that can be dressed up or down and worn with trousers or a skirt .. the  prints were fascinating at the Prada S/S 2014 show.. I got inspired after looking at images and  this dress from their show…


Now my top from Zara is nothing like the above but I was inspired by this image.. its how quirky and fun the outfit is.. that when I saw this top I felt like I really wanted it hanging in my closet!! 😉


The second piece is the white jacket that I got.. Now this piece is the ideal colour and cut and shape for spring and summer and screamed out to me from a distance and once I tried it on.. NO ONE could make me want to put it back on that hanger and return it back to the store.. it came home with me to be friends with all my other jackets!!.. ok sorry for that weird insight into my thoughts!! 😉


Here is the outfit in its entirety ….




Outfit details-
Top – Zara available here

Jacket- Don’t know if its sold out but here is the link to it.

Black jeans- Topshop Leigh skinny jeans
Bag – Coach, love this one in the new collection available here
Shoes- Zara similar available here
Rings- Wedding bands and Accessorize, Earrings- F21, Necklace- self made


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