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Ok ladies, your girl here coming to you with the perfect pair of black skinnies.. Now lets see, if you’re anything like me and refuse to give up on bread, rice and muffins!!..yes, muffins..then well lets just say finding the perfect pair of black skinny jeans is something of a challenge.. ok not something its a BIG, BIG challenge..

I have been looking at blogs, and styling videos and I finally decided ok I am going to Topshop to look at the famous Joni and Leigh jeans.. yes, I already own a pair of Leigh jeans.. oldies but goodies so I knew what to expect.

Now they had the perfect one that came in a coated waxy kinda finish .. but woe is me.. it wasn’t available in my size.. Yes, I did try to get into a smaller size, lets just say muffin top got a  new meaning, more like pudding top or something more substantial than a muffin…sooo I insisted to the sales girl,  please find me a black pair in my size.. please.. pudding tops are just not in guurrl!!

I tried on the Black leigh jeans.. ahhh.. in my size.. so good.. the fit was great and the length perfect.. now I don’t know but my earlier Leigh jeans were very looong.. these are the perfect length.. Oh yeah!!.. maybe they made shorter lengths for the Asian stores?.. I dont know but they are great …


hmmm, did I stop there?.. No indeed I got another pair with rips in them and these are the JONI jeans from topshop in a dark grey wash and if the leigh jeans are good the JONI’s are what I was looking for all my life..ahhahaha.. its true though.. they are high waisted, super comfy and stretchy and got rips at the knees..making them just that tad bit sexy..soo cool..yes I felt like a teenager again..going nuts over jeans.. but then age is a state of mind..isn’t it??


Ok you know my size now.. lets get past that girls..its just a number..


I only wore the Leigh jeans in the photographs and the Joni will be featured soon, in an outfit on my blog ..so stay tuned 😉

But seriously if you’re looking for super comfy, stretchy and high waisted jeans to wear with those crop tops and sweaters that are all over this season..the Joni is a great option..



See the length??..perfection I tell you.. Now, I must add when you see these jeans you may be like..”Dayumm, my butt ain’t gonna fit into that!!” but let me just say they are Super stretchy!!.. so give them a try and get ready to be amazed!!..

Outfit details

Jacket- Cache Cache (bought in france) love this one available here

Trousers/jeans- Topshop available in stores or Topshop online.

Black basic tee- Topshop

shoes – H&M similar available at Topshop.. in different colours!!!… OMG!!.. I want, but got too many shoes … ;-((

Have a great week ladies..send positive thoughts and positive vibes out to the world.. we all need positive energy!!.


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