Hi Everyone,

Today being Sunday, one of my favourite days of the week 😉 decided to put up my post bright and early as  its a busy day today may not get time later in the day.

My outfit today is inspired by the upcoming festive season, I wanted to post an outfit that I would wear to a party/office party (not that I will be going for any!)/ Evening out to meet friends or even if you’re the one hosting the party!

My skirt I got at MnS and wanted to feature it as it should be still available .. it is such a lovely piece the lace trim at the bottom gives it that added detail that takes it from being plain and simple to taking it a notch up and making it cute and ideal for office or party depending on how you dress it up or down. I had a few options for  this skirt.. I chose to go for this one as I was inspired by a pic I saw of  Sharon Stone where she wears this crisp white shirt with a skirt..it looked so glam that I wanted to go down that path myself!! 😉











Lots of photos!..it was a fun day out taking these photos..loved going to the beach as usual..all dressed up!!.. but that’s me.. my thing, my hobby!.. do what makes you happy people!!..

Outfit details

Top – Gap (styled before)

skirt – Marks and Spencers current season

Coat- Wanko (old)

Shoes – Bought from a local store here in Hong kong.

Clutch – One of my Favourite LV pieces.

Watch- My trusty Swatch!, Earrings -Pearl studs, Necklace- F21 (old), Rings- Gold (old).

Enjoy the weekend!..life is too short not to do what you love!


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