Hi All,

Wanted to add the option of adding your favourite scarf or shawl to make this outfit even more comfy and cozy to sit by a fire and sip some Mulled Wine πŸ˜‰





Sweater Weather!

This post is inspired by my visit to the Gap store this morning.. they are having a 30% off all sweater and outwear at the store!!.. Yaay! So yours truly had to take advantage of that irresistible offer! πŸ˜‰

The grey cardigan featured is such a wonderful option to ‘the christmas sweater’ .. it is soft and comfy and looks chic too!!.. great when you want to go for a christmas fair!, christmas get-together, meet friends or just chill at a coffee shop and sip on some hot chocolate or Coffee.. or tea.. whatever floats your boat!!… πŸ˜‰

I chose to pair my outfit with my red bag to make it a tad bit more festive.. but knowing me I would do that any other time of the year as well!!

Hope you all having a great week.

Outfit details.

Cream sweater- F21
Grey Cardigan- Gap
Slacks- Zara
Shoes- AlDO
Accessories- necklace and earrings- F21, Watch- Swatch
Bag – Guess






Hi Everyone,

Hope you’re all having a wonderful Sunday!

Overhere in Hong Kong we are enjoying some lovely weather.. wish it were like this all the days of the year!!.. Cool but still bright and sunny days.

Today was quite a rushed day and I did not have time to plan my outfit so was trying to decide at the last minute what I wanted to style for my blog post today.. decided to style my recent favourite maroon wax coated pants from Gap.

I paired these with a neutral beige top with gold accents that is dressy at the same time can be worn casually.. I thought this outfit would be perfect for browsing around town, meeting a friend for lunch or dinner and doing your Christmas shopping! ;).. I added this favourite cardigan from Cotton On that I pull out every time I need a cardigan that is light and airy but not a plain old classic one!

Outfit details- Top- H&M (old)
Trousers- Gap
Shoes- Aldo
Cardigan- Cotton On
Accessories- Earrings- Accessorize, watch- Swatch, Rings- Wedding bands and one I made myself;), Bangle- Indai, necklace- Local boutique.




Hi Everyone,

Hope you are all having a great day!… As the weather here in hong kong is sill great for a summer dress, decided to wear this green camp dress (name on the website) from Gap. I got it recently and its ultra soft and ultra comfortable. It is great for this time of the year as I have worn it with tights and boots to be worn on colder days!.. also its easy to pair with a nice jacket on top.

I love this colour on tan skin with gold accessories makes it an ideal combination. I also decided to go with tan shoes and my LV bag to add interest to an otherwise plain outfit.

Outfit details – Dress- Camp Dress from Gap
shoes- Zara
Bag- Louis Vuitton
Belt- Uniqlo
watch- Kenneth Cole
Sunglasses- Mango
Earrings- F21.





Hi All,

Hope you all having a great day!.. Here, I am wearing my sparkly skirt that I wore in an earlier post. It is great for a night out or evening party! I chose a red top from Zara that has a very flattering fit. Love that the shape gives you a nice silhouette πŸ˜‰

My necklace is from H&M and I finally found something to wear it with.. I had it for a while but could not decide on the right outfit to go with it. This blouse matched the necklace so well and I was thrilled to have finally found a match for my necklace!

Outfit details-

Blouse/top- Zara
Skirt – H&M
Necklace- H&M
Clutch- H&M
Watch- Swatch
earrings – F21






Hi Everyone,

Hope you are all well.

Its Christmas time and time to get out your Party/Evening/Dinner out dresses. Here I chose mine from M&S that is very comfortable and forgiving.

It is ideal for an office party/Evening out or even dinner with friends. I paired it with different accessories to show you various options.

I love that the dress is so neutral that you can add accessories to liven up the dress and make it look more festive or just go with simple accessories to wear to the office or a casual evening out.

Outfit details-

Dress- M&S
Black Clutch- local boutique in HK
Beige Bag- Guess
Shoes- Aldo
Blue necklace-Zara
Green Beaded necklace- F21
Watch- Swatch and Bracelet- Accessorize.




Hi Everyone, This is my first blog post and of course its very exciting. I must apologise in advance though as I am still learning how to do all this and so may take some time to perfect it.

Here I decided to style an evening out/dinner outfit.. since Christmas is almost upon us, I wanted to style something festive.

I chose this pretty sheer top from Zara that can be worn with trousers or a short skirt.. it has tons of options..I wanted to pair it with my sparkly skirt that I got a long time ago from H&M. I am sure there will be a newer version of this around this year.

Since the blouse is very straight cut I decided to add a broad belt to give me a better silhouette.

For shoes I chose simple black high heels as the outfit is flashy enough by itself πŸ˜‰

Outfit details – Top – Zara, Skirt- H&M, Shoes- Aldo, Clutch- H&M, Earrings – H&M.