Hello Again,

Another recent purchase I am loving and wanted to share on my blog is the NARS blush in Amour. Its a beautiful Pinky Coral shade.. and I am loving it!.

This is described as a ‘Peachy Pink’ shade.. but to me its more pinkish coral than peachy.. it definitely looks more pinkish than peach on my skin tone. I still love it though as its great for those of us who dont want too much shimmer or shine in their blushes as its got a matt finish.. even though, I do love some shine in my blushes at times.;-) .. especially for a night time look. This blush is matt though and is very easy to work with. Great for day wear too because of its matt texture.  You can first add just a little to see how it works and build it up if you need more colour.



It is the one on the right ;-)..


I have on Mac’s Mocha lipstick, in this picture. This blush would go well with your pinky red lipsticks as well as with nude or even darker maroons too.

Have a great week all.


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