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Chinese New Year Holidays are still on here in Hong kong, today being the last day of the holidays!!. Hong Kong seems a different place during these particular holidays.. people seem happier, more relaxed and the main difference is shops close for the holidays!!!… if you know Hong kong its very rare to see shops close 😉 during the day.. except in Sham Shui Po I think.. But anyways, enough of my rambling off topic..

The Red lipstick!!.. I say it like that because it is something every girl/woman needs to have in her lipstick armoury… there always comes a day and time when you want to wear red!!

Red is such a vibrant colour and it comes in different hues from warm to cool tones.. so if you want to invest in just one or two red lipsticks (like me) then you need to do some research!!.. yup!!.. it needs to be done..go online and look at swatches.. I have come to realise that is an excellent way to see what the colour looks like on skin and not in the tube.

Also there are bright orange reds to deep burgundy reds.. so choose your preference based on what you’re looking for, your skin tone and  the best would be to go and actually try it on your lips if possible.

Another tip I have learnt is that darker reds will make lips look smaller and orangey bright reds will make lips stand out so think about that when deciding on a Red for your lips 😉

There are many who are petrified of red.. as I was sometime (not long) ago.. the main concern is it is too out there to be comfortable.. unlike browns, nudes and even pinks… but once you find your shade you will definitely want to wear it more often as it just gives you an air of confidence (or so I think) 😉

My main learning tip was to make sure your face is primed and you have put on your foundation or powder covering up any imperfections/hyper pigmentation on your face and especially around your nose and mouth area..and then once your face is done..line your lips with a matching lipliner as it gives definition to your lips and also stops the lipstick from bleeding.

Also don’t go too heavy on any other make-up like your eyes and cheeks keep those subtle..atleast in the beginning till you get the hang of things;-) …you can experiment later.. a lot of Bollywood actresses have really heavy make-up but it looks good in photographs and in the movies but in real life if just looks too much.

Here are a few looks I really like…


Now I will be honest I am not a big fan of JLO but her make-up is always flawless!!.. here the lips are the main focus and it looks gorgeous!!


Another red lip look that I really like and is so achievable according to me..

Ok so now for my version..




My lipstick of choice here was Mac’s Ruby Woo..when in doubt go with Ruby woo..it goes on most skin tones according to most beauty gurus and so when I was looking for a red went and tried on this shade..It is very matt though so you need to make sure your lips are moisturised and exfoliated before putting on this lipstick.. Russian Red from Mac is another red that goes well on Indian skin tones.

I also have one other Red that is more affordable and that is Red Revival from Maybelline.


Here they are both side by side and as you can see, they are very similar in shade. But Red Revival is a deeper red as compared to Mac’s Ruby woo.

the lipliner I used is Mac’s Cherry.. also Mac’s Redd is a very good one but unfortunately not available here in Hong kong.


other products used were-
Face primed with a moisturiser and then added on my concealer Mac’s prolong wear NW35, after than my foundation mixture of Mac’s NC42 and NC44.

Blush- Nars Lovejoy
Eye shadow – Mac’s Amber lights (over entire eyelid)
Eyebrow pencil- Dolly Wink
Eyeliner – Dolly wink in black
Highlighter- Mac’s soft and gentle
Setting powder- Mac’s studio care blend in Medium Dark.

Mascara- Make-up Forever Aqua smoky Lash..love it!

I also added a touch of clear gloss.. to give it a slight shine..and so its not so matt.

Hope you have a good weekend and are inspired to try out this Red lips look for valentines day!!




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