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Start of the week and it can be a real downer as you have to wake up early, start doing chores etc!!.. so I think talking about make-up is just a great way to get started and hopefully uplift your mood … at least it always puts me in a good mood πŸ˜‰

Today I am going to talk about an upcoming trend for Spring/Summer 2014 and that is Orange lips!!.. Once again this takes me out of my comfort zone which is mostly Nude lipsticks or pink shades that I adore!.. but I wanted to give this a go and also since I had kinda got this bright orange shade from Maybelline a while ago Β (got sucked in by watching some beauty gurus talk about these lipsticks and got one). I haven’t used it at all after getting it to be honest!! .. so I thought of trying out this shade.

Here are some inspirational photos I got off the net to get me started..


The absolutely adorable Jessica Alba..I like to look at her make-up looks as even though I look nothing like her I think her skin tone is a nice warm tan that is kinda similar to mine..I think that is a great way to get inspiration..find someone(a celebrity or model whom you think wears really good make-up) whose skin tone you match and then look at the colours they choose..it helps to take much of the guess work out of deciding make-up looks or shades.


This next one looks so gorgeous on the model but I think there definitely needs to be a runway to carry it off..

This is my version of ‘Orange Lips’ for spring and summer πŸ˜‰

I started out with moisturiser to prep my face for make-up.. Benefit’s Porefessional is recommended by many beauty gurus as a great face primer as it is said to close pores as well. I then put on my foundation which is my Mac NC42/44 I add two pumps of NC42 and a pump of NC44 to get the colour I want!.. and concealer in NW35.

I added two lipstick shades to get this shade as sometimes that is what you need ..to get it just right!!



I wanted a very subtle eye look and just used two products .. Mac’s Amber lights eyeshadow that is a peachy-brown shadow with shimmer and my black eyeliner and a black eye pencil for the bottom lashes.. Also some mascara to finish off the eye look.

For Blush I went with my favourite NARS – Lovejoy!

The lipsticks I used were Maybelline’s MAT3 Bold Matt and L’oreal’s C501 Crayon Sunset..



The first, Mabelline’s MAT3 is an impulse buy and looks a proper Neon Orange in the tube!.. the reason I wanted to try it out was that many beauty gurus said it looked very different on the lip and not as hideously neon as in the tube.. it’s true.. but even so is a bright colour.. I wore it with a peach lip pencil from Sasa.. and then added on the lower one which is L’Oreal’s Colour Riche Matt lipstick in C501..This is a much lighter peachy nude lipstick .. so if you wanted to get the Bright Orange that I got in the look you would need a Bright Orange lipstick like the Maybelline one.. I added the second one to tone down the shade a little.

Mac too has some really bright Orange lipsticks but unless you are really confident you want to go down the line of Orange lips for Summer get one that is less expensive and try it out first πŸ˜‰

Hope you have a good week ahead!



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