Hi Everyone,

Hope you are having a good week. My week started off with me getting a stomach bug!..not sure what caused it but it was BAD, the whole of yesterday morning!..I just had a very light diet the whole day and had a big mug of Jeera/cumin water (mums homemade remedy) which helped a lot. Much better today 😉

Sorry could not get myself to do a post yesterday. Anywayz, as I mentioned in an earlier post I have wanted to do a makeup look using one of the BEST…ok … I really love this shade of lipstick ..its Macs Rebel!!.. it looks a scary dark purple in the tube but when put on looks gorgeous!!.. I think this goes on all skin tones..I have seen pics of it on so many different skin tones and it looks lighter on some and darker on some..but it always looks good!!

It is a beautiful fuchsia berry colour and great for an evening or night out look.;-)


Macs Rebel is a satin finish..so even though very opaque and creamy can be a bit drying..so moisturise and exfoliate lips before putting this on. As since it is a dark shade you do not want it to look drying and chapped on your lips! (Eek)



These pictures are taken in two different lightings as I wanted you to be able to see the colour in the ‘night’ under artificial lighting and in the daytime in normal lighting.;-)



I am definitely not a professional makeup artist in any way.. and these are my personal thoughts and ramblings. I take ideas of looks from images I see on Pinterest or google etc to create the looks. My looks are definitely very amateurish as compared to what any makeup artist would create. But hope you enjoy reading about my thoughts and trials with make up and hope it helps 😉

For this look- The main focus was the lipstick as its just that kind of shade!

I will not go into details of the other makeup I used as its pretty much similar to my other makeup posts.. ie. the foundation and concealer, for blush I used my clinique Blush  in Berry Pop.

Eyeliner – I went with my trusted liquid eyeliner from Lakme (Indian Brand)

Eyeshadows- I used a light pink/pearly shade from Bobbie Brown and Pomegranate punk from the L’Oreal 24 hour colour tattoo range.

My main tip (that I have read and heard a lot of beauty gurus talk about) is to make sure you use foundation when wearing such a dark or bright colour on you lips as you want your face to be free from discolouration and hyper pigmentation..esp around the mouth and nose area! Especially as we get older we have shadows and hyper pigmentation that needs to be concealed for a more flawless look 😉

I would really love if you could leave your comments, thoughts, ideas about this post!

Have a great week ladies and stay fashionable 😉


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