Hi Everyone,

Yes, yes I know its Thursday and not Monday!!.. sigh.. but I didn’t have time on Monday to do this post and before I knew it, its Thursday.. go figure!!.

Anyhoo, I have been wanting to do this post, its about a  foundation I have been loving after using it quite a few times now..it does take getting used to I will admit but after you figure it out.. its GREAT! Hmm.. by the title you will know the one I’m going to talk about..its the Mac Face and Body foundation and my shade is C5.

Now I read and heard so many good reviews about this foundation, its dewy, sheer, buildable, looks great in photographs.. that I was super excited to try it out. And I had been loving NARS sheer glow for quite some time.. so much so I even got a second bottle after I finished my first one.. and I still do love it.

My first impression when I got it and poured a bit on the back of my hand.. WHAT ??.. it was much runnier than any of my other foundations and I was a bit taken aback.. and after trying it on I thought hmmm.. it looks good but not enough coverage.. you need to have really good skin for this foundation. But, then I went online to look at how people used it and realised, OK so I can build it up to the coverage I am satisfied with.. duh! yes, sorry sometimes I need to be spoon fed!.

Now once you do that you can get a pretty good coverage, many apply it with their fingers but I use the sephora No.45 brush with it and get pretty good coverage and I also like the way it looks in the end. I swirl the product to buff it into my skin. I also use a setting powder as it can look a bit shiny on my nose and forehead.

Love it because..

1. Its sheer and so light that you feel you don’t have foundation on.

2. Its dewy and looks lovely in photographs.

3. Its great as a day time foundation as it look very natural and not cakey at all.

4. I also feel it does not break me out as my skin has taken to it pretty well.

5. Love the texture now that I used it a few times and feel comfortable with it.


Its a lovely foundation and if you’re like me and were contemplating getting it.. I think its great and you should give it a go.


Have a great week everyone .. it’s almost friday.. yay! Hope you have some fun plans for the weekend!


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