Hi Everyone,

Monday it is and yes the week has just started, and I am still keeping to my New Year Resolutions… baby steps as they say!;-)

For my Blog I wanted to add more to the content and also upload stuff that I absolutely adore and want to share with all of you!

Make-up Mondays is when I talk about make up products I am loving and want to rave about or maybe even give you the low down on how its crap and please don’t invest;-)!! I am a lipstick lover above all other make-up and every time I visit the make-up counters will automatically be drawn to the lipstick section of the counter!.

Today I want to talk about two old but good favourites-

Mac’s – Up the Amp! – A mauve pink shade that has a cool undertone and looks more purply than pink on the lips. This is great as a day or night time lipstick according to me;-) as you can darken it up with a darker purple lip liner to make it darker for night or with a lighter lip liner to suit day wear! I used Mac’s Boldly Bare lip liner in the pic as I wanted to take a day time photograph.

Lipstick- Mac’s – Up the Amp



Next Lipstick on my make-up monday series is Rimmel’s Kate lipstick in No.112

This was a gift from my sister-in-law and its perfect for those days when you feel the need for a nice dark Burgundy shade!!

Once again you can lighten the shade by adding a neutral lipstick or gloss over it to tone it down or add a matching lip liner to gets its true colour.


I have worn both the lipsticks with minimum make-up so you can see the true colour of the lipstick.


Hope you enjoyed this’s to more on Make-up Mondays!!.. hope you can all comment on this post and give me your views, thoughts and ideas if you prefer to see any particular make-up products! 😉 or tell me about yours! 😉


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