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I have been on the hunt for a bronzer for ages and ages… I used to use NARS lovejoy blush as a kind of bronzer but it was kind of shimmery and not the best product for bronzing. Then came the day I found this Indian Makeup artist called Eltonjfernandez on Youtube and my hunt ended..after watching some of his videos I decided to get the NARS bronzer in Casino and Wooohoo, lets just say its the end to my hunt for that great bronzer!!..it works perfectly on my skin tone and I would recommend it to anyone with a skin tone similar to mine or even a bit darker.

I match up to an NC42 in Mac, so that is a kind of reference to my skin tone.


This is a picture that I took from the NARS website as I couldn’t get the exact colour on my camera.

This bronzer is

1. Great for Indian/darker skin tones

2. Great pigmentation and not shimmery or shiny. It has a very slight shimmer but nothing that you cannot use in the day time.

3. Will last for really long as its quite a lot of product.

The price point is high.. but if you’re looking to buy something really worth its money and also it will last really really long.. I have a couple of Nars blushes I bought quite a while ago and still use them so I don’t regret paying that extra amount for this product.

Got a pic wearing it..



I have on Macs pencil liner in Burgundy and just filled it onto my lips ;-)..


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