Hi Everyone,

Now this post is about seeing that something and not knowing what you’re going to do with it.. but you just GOT TO have it!!!… and you don’t regret it..because you figure a way to make it work!!..hmm… maybe that’s only me?

For me it was these sheer trousers I saw at H & M and was like… “You are coming home with me!!” How I was going to wear them I had NO idea.. I felt a bit foolish too .. were they too ‘young’ for me… was I being silly and letting my silly, hasty, impulsive self take over again!! (yes it happens a lot.. trying to control that side of my personality!!)

Anyways, I got them and styled them and Voila!!… I was actually happy with the outfit!!.. wonder of wonders!!…

Now these pants are so much fun!!…I’m going to be wearing them on date night with Hubby!.. he couldn’t help smiling when he saw them… nodding his head.. (who knows what that nodding means!!- rather not know 😉 )


I styled them with a black top I got at Cotton On.. and my H&M belt..this belt is on sale now.. so please go get it.. its such a great piece to spice up an outfit!



I carried my Yellow Clutch from Aldo, I got a while ago.. (U know when you buy a pair of shoes and they say the next item is like 20/30% off).. well you just got to take advantage of that and get stuff like this .. right!?






I hope you all enjoy this outfit post and feel inspired or go out shopping and get that piece that you love but feel is too ‘out there’ for you.. it’s not!!.. if you love it you can make it work… because I think at the back of our minds we always know what will absolutely not work on us and won’t even gravitate towards something like that even thought it may look fab on someone else.. so go with your instincts..

Outfit details

Sheer pants – H&M cannot find the same ones on the site ;( but these here are nice too..maybe if you check the stores you will find them.

Top- Cotton On cannot find exact same one on the site, but this one here is very similar.

Belt – H&M

Shoes – Aldo (old) similar here
Really like these 😉

Watch- Aspen, Clutch- Aldo , Earrings- ans (don’s where this brand is from?) but love their jewellery, Rings- Wedding bands and gold ring (very old)

Enjoy the weekend everyone!!


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