Hi Everyone,

Happy Diwali! Diwali is just over and I hope everyone had a wonderful time .. we went out for a lovely Diwali dinner with another family, it was a nice way for us to spend the holiday. I do not celebrate Diwali myself but since I have lived in Mumbai till I was 21 years old, Diwali was always a time to celebrate and enjoy the freshly made mithai at the sweet shops, light crackers and sparklers.

I wore this outfit in celebration of this festival. This outfit is an old outfit bought in India quite a few years ago.. I know there are beautiful ones available all over in India but have not bought any recently. Everytime I go down am tempted to buy one that I fall in love with when I see them in the shop windows but resist the urge as its only once a year that I would actually get a chance to wear this outfit here in Hong Kong.




As you can see from the pics the weather here in Hong kong is warm enough to wear summer clothes.. I’m hoping next week the weather will be cooler and I can do an Autumnal look 😉


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