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Hope you’re having a great week.. Its Friday and the weekend is almost upon us..yoohoo.. Tomorrow I intend to style one of these favourite winter trends that I am loving currently which is the oversized scarf!..lets hope all goes well and I am able to get some nice pics of the outfit I have in mind.

Anyhoo, today I wanted to talk a little about trends and my personal favs for this upcoming winter season.. if you’re like me and cannot wait to follow and look out for the new trend then this is an article for you!. I think winter is a time when you need to get creative or else you fall into the ‘All black or Neutrals’ mode… for it to be fun I think colour and new trends are a fun way to get imaginative and creative!. Soo, I looked around for things I would love to wear and style this winter and here are a few of my ideas.. so if you feel inspired after reading to go and do some damage to your bank account..well just think you gonna be looking chic this coming winter..hehehe.

1. First and foremost lets take a moment to talk about The Cape.. now its everywhere this season..its all about the cape/poncho/blanket coat.. different names but mean the same thing.

I will say this trend is super cute but if you have shoulders like mine.. then you feel like a priest or cardinal (or rather thats how I feel when I try them on!) wearing one. So my suggestion is to go with solid colours rather than prints as at least that way it will have a slimming effect.. also I prefer one with slits for armholes so you can see some arms in them rather than only your hands .. hmm..let me show you what I mean..



This is my favourite fashion photographer Garance Dore wearing the Zara cape.. and I am planning on hunting this one down for myself.. its the coolest one I have found so far that is slimming yet fashionable.


Here we have the famous picture of Ms. Rosie Huntington Whiteley wearing the personalised Burberry cape..hmmm… a thing of dreams.. copies of these can be found on many online fashion stores..

A very similar style to the RHW’s Burberry cape is available at choies.com

2. Another trend I am loving is the oversized scarf trend..its a great way to add warmth and look stylish at the same time.. now once again to make this trend work for not so skinny people is not easy, as it adds so much bulk to the upper half of the body, so try on several and see the one that makes you feel stylish yet does not overpower your entire frame. I love the plaid ones that are all over but they just make me feel like I am travelling around with my blanket wrapped around me.. sigh..I did get one though and I love it..will be styling it this weekend..;-)


This one looks great on the model and I love the colours in it..available at Zara.  I have a similar scarf which is smaller and is in a lightweight wool making it ideal for me to add colour but not be too much of bulk on the upper portion of my body.

Also, I think if wearing this sort of scarf, then the rest of the outfit should be in solid colours to avoid the outfit wearing you, rather than you wearing the outfit..know what I mean..hope so..;-)

3. Okies moving on.. my favourite of them all.. Animal print..so cool, so trendy..but again.. proceed with caution .. for a slimming effect I would only go with one piece of this print on myself.. no mixing and matching patterns and prints etc for me.. as I think it adds bulk to the frame.. that be best left to the skinny people !


This cute one is available at Asos.com

Adding animal print as an accessory is also super trendy right now and soo fun to give your outfit an added fun element.



The shoes and the bag are currently available on the Zara website.

Another way I thought is super fun is the snood..


Go get yourselves an animals print accessory this year .. I want all of the above 😉

4. And lastly lets talk about another fun layering piece  The faux fur Gilet!.. this faux fur one is fun and similar ones are available at so many stores and online fashion retailers..

This is great as a layering piece as it add warmth, and yes it has bulk but you need to find the one that makes you feel slim in..try a darker colour so at least that way the light colour does not make you look broader than you are..


Also I would not wear a coat on top, rather layer it with a nice long sleeved shirt or tee underneath it to give the desired warmth.

These are some of my current favs, will give you some more in the next few weeks. Hope you like my choices and I know they may not be everyones cup of tea..but this is my post and so my humble opinion.. kisses.. Enjoy the season and have a cup of hot chocolate in your new snuggly scarf (ok thats just going to be me doing that..but hope you do too!)


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