Hi Everyone, Monday it is and yes the week has just started, and I am still keeping to my New Year Resolutions… baby steps as they say!;-) For my Blog I wanted to add more to the content and also upload stuff that I absolutely adore and want to share with all of you! Make-up Mondays is when I talk about make up products I am loving and want to rave about or maybe even give you the low down… Read more »

Hi Everyone, Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!..After all that chaotic holiday rushing around its time to sit back and take in the New Year and make New Year Resolutions!.. I have made quite a few this year and hope to follow through!! I am a visual person and love looking and reading through a blog that has a high visual content rather than words and paragraphs and paragraphs of literature to go through.. thats just me and… Read more »