Hi Everyone, Start of the week and it can be a real downer as you have to wake up early, start doing chores etc!!.. so I think talking about make-up is just a great way to get started and hopefully uplift your mood … at least it always puts me in a good mood 😉 Today I am going to talk about an upcoming trend for Spring/Summer 2014 and that is Orange lips!!.. Once again this takes me out of… Read more »

Hi Everyone! Sorry for the delay of this post!.. It is tuesday today 😉 but my heading still says monday as I like to call it that..hehehe.. Yesterday was a rather busy day with husband down with a case of food poisoning and also had other errands to run. But today is a day to be inspired and I think I did a pretty decent job!… I do hope you all enjoy this look and feel inspired to go out… Read more »

Hi Everyone!, Its Monday and yes partying must be last thing you’re going to do today!.. but I wanted to give you an exciting thought to think about and plan out your look if you are going to be partying by the end of the week! This look was inspired by the lovely fresh face looking make-up of Demi lovato.. it looks so pretty on her and I thought I would try and recreate it.. I managed to do a… Read more »

Hi Everyone, Monday it is and yes the week has just started, and I am still keeping to my New Year Resolutions… baby steps as they say!;-) For my Blog I wanted to add more to the content and also upload stuff that I absolutely adore and want to share with all of you! Make-up Mondays is when I talk about make up products I am loving and want to rave about or maybe even give you the low down… Read more »