Hi Everyone, Money has been spent and products have been bought.. so lets just go ahead and talk about it..shall we?.. I went to the Mac counter with the intention of picking up COSMO a brownish pink Amplified lipstick. This is a great everyday kinda shade and if you like darker nudes to pinkish brown lipsticks this is one to try. It is an amplified shade so the colour pay off is great. Then as it happens with Mac you… Read more »

Finally decided to do a blog post on the Nars Sheer Glow Foundation as I have been loving it for sometime now 😉 I do not do product reviews as a rule on my blog as I am not really a product junkie, I buy a product, use it, and If I like it will use it till the end… and then repurchase. The reason being my skin tends to be quite sensitive and breaks out easily which makes me stick… Read more »

Hi Everyone, Hope this week turns out to be really great for you 😉 Today I tried out a look using my recently purchased Revlon Colorburst crayon matte balm. The colour I got is called Unapologetic.. it is a very bright pinkish coral colour and so pretty!!.. is it a practical every day colour?..probably not so much as its a very bright almost neon  but worn with the right make-up and clothes looks really nice…  great for the spring and… Read more »

Hi Everyone, Hope you are having a good week. My week started off with me getting a stomach bug!..not sure what caused it but it was BAD, the whole of yesterday morning!..I just had a very light diet the whole day and had a big mug of Jeera/cumin water (mums homemade remedy) which helped a lot. Much better today 😉 Sorry could not get myself to do a post yesterday. Anywayz, as I mentioned in an earlier post I have… Read more »

Hi Everyone, Hope you had a relaxing weekend and today is an exciting day as it was the Oscars.. so  lets talk about the Oscars and makeup 😉 I was lucky to watch it live this morning here in Hong kong. I enjoyed the dresses, the drama and even the hostess Ellen Degenres was great I thought.  I especially loved Pinks performance. The gowns were fantastic and Oh to be able to wear them and look so good is but… Read more »

Hi Everyone, Its Monday and I hope everyone is starting off the week on a positive note 😉 My Monday started with my beloved NW35 concealer falling and shattering to bits!!… luckily I was almost at the end of it.. or it would have been a moment when tears would have flowed, as its my favourite..sigh.. Anyways, I did have a backup as I always get a new one once its almost reaching the end!!..sooo I could do Makeup Monday!..yay… Read more »

Hi Everyone, Another Monday and another day to talk about make-up 😉 Today I am excited to share with you a new acquisition and that is my Clinique Cheek pop,Blush pop blush  (grin .. that is the name) in Berry Pop. It is one of the new Blushes that Clinique has come out with for Spring 2014. They come in four shades Berry Pop, Plum Pop, Peach Pop and Ginger Pop. These blushes are said to give you an effortless, natural… Read more »

Hi Everyone, Hope you’re having a fantastic weekend. Overhere in Hong kong the weather has improved considerably and is now a comfortable 16 degrees celcius!!… yaaay! Anyhow!, weather aside I recently came across this Indian Actress and was blow away by her fashion and street style… lovin her at the moment!!!.. I am horrible and rubbish at anything related to Bollywood as frankly speaking not really a big fan;( ..sigh.. I do love to watch a good Hindi movie now… Read more »

Crosswires is a lipstick  I saw on an Indian Youtuber called Indianbeautie… this is her blog.. I enjoy reading her posts and also looking at her fashion pictures and travel pics. It is a lovely Coraly/pinkish shade… bright and looks great for the spring and summer!!.. I think it looks lovely on Indian skin tones and on days when you feel you don’t want to put on too much make-up but just a nice bright lipstick and some eyeliner then… Read more »

Hi Everyone, Chinese New Year Holidays are still on here in Hong kong, today being the last day of the holidays!!. Hong Kong seems a different place during these particular holidays.. people seem happier, more relaxed and the main difference is shops close for the holidays!!!… if you know Hong kong its very rare to see shops close 😉 during the day.. except in Sham Shui Po I think.. But anyways, enough of my rambling off topic.. The Red lipstick!!….. Read more »