Hi Everyone,

Hope your week is going well.. few more days before the weekend and more importantly before Valentines Day!!.. woohoo..

Overhere in Hong kong the weather has taken a 360 degree turnaround and its freezing cold and dull and also rainy!!… so I thought I’d do a rainy weather post;-)

Rainy days are days when you have to think carefully before putting on your best clothes and shoes as you definitely don’t want to ruin them.. so I thought of finding some nice and stylish shoes to go with your rainy day outfit!..

I chose two styles to talk about today the Hunter boots and the Melissa Shoes…

Hunter Boots or Hunter Wellingtons (as the British call them) are basically boots designed for muddy and wet weather and made in Britain. They are now a huge brand and have been made  stylish by Kate Moss sporting these boots.. also worn by the Royals in Britain these shoes are right up there with the big shoe brands!

They come in different colours and styles and carry the famous logo in front.. I must admit to wanting a pair and have them on my wish list!!


I have my eye on this one here at Shopbop!…

Here is the pic that made the Hunter wellingtons (Or Wellies as the British say) famous!


Another stylish rainy day option is the Melissa shoes, Originally from an Australian company and manufactured in Brazil..

This is what Wikifashion has to say about them..

Sophisticated, stylish and eco-friendly, Melissa Shoes have been walking the globe for the last 30 years, yet they are still über modern. Over 50 million pairs of Melissa plastic shoes have been manufactured in the last 25 years and walked their way to 80 different countries around the world. But more importantly, they are swanky.

The modern, plastic design and rich colours make the shoes a recognisable and covetable addition to any girl’s shoe collection. A must-have in footwear fashion, the shoes are comfortable, stylish, express individuality and are an eco-friendly choice.

Designers such as Vivienne Westwood, John Paul Gaultier, Lovefoxxx are a just a few of the world’s leading designers who have invested their energies to create fashion shoes for Melissa.

they are available http://www.mdreams.com/store-locations in Hong kong. They are available at the M Dreams stores in Hongkong.


As you can see they are cute and stylish and the main point is they are made cruelty free, and of Non toxic plastic and in eco friendly factories!!…hmm.. what’s not to like!!

I have a few pics for you of my Rainy day outfit.. my shoes now are not as high profile as the above mentioned.. I have on my ever faithful Crocs!!… like them, but they are not very good for days when its raining and super cold!!.


A nice light weight parka is a great buy as it will last you ages and comes in handy to keep the wind and cold and rain away!!.. Mine I bought at Mango quite a few years ago.


Luckily that day was not super cold.. or else I would be wearing a thicker jacket under the Parka.. also those Hunter Wellies would be perfect!!!..sigh..


Also I think bright pops of colour with your bag or shoes makes a neutral outfit a little more fresh on a dull day!! 😉

Hope you enjoyed this post and Happy Valentines Day to you!


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