Hi Everyone,

Hope you are having a great week. Today I have chosen the casual and very comfortable ‘Shirt dress’ to talk about. Its one of those dresses that are ideal when going on holiday as they are super comfy and with a nice comfy pair of shoes can be a chic and comfy holiday outfit ;-), or even worn on a casual day to meet friends, have brunch and just walk around on a day off ..

I have chosen a few options and love them all ;-)…



This one is available at Massimo Dutti and it may be a little pricey but it is classic and will last you a long time;-) …. the link to it is available here

Another one that is much more affordable is from Asos.com


The link to this dress is available here at Asos.com

And this one is available at Gap, they do have them in different styles and colours too.


The link to the Gap dress is available here

I have a couple of these kind of dresses in my closet.. they are the wash and wear kind.. except for the green one that I got at Gap, it is cotton and so needs ironing.


My dress was bought at GAP too.

This one is from a previous post and I got it as GAP as well..


Hope you enjoyed this post and here’s to a wonderful week ahead!


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