Hi Everyone,

Hope you’re having a great day.. I was inspired to write a post after doing some damage at the Burberry counter yesterday. I got two lipsticks and one eye liner.

The two lipsticks are very similar in shade but different in texture.. one is a soft satin and one a long wearing matt. They do not look too summery, but I loved the look on my skin tone and decided to get them.

the packaging of the lipsticks are a bit bulky but very luxurious..

The soft satin comes in shiny, metal looking packaging (although it is plastic I think and not very heavy) and the matt one came in a sleek matt packaging.


These are the two colours.. Soft Satin lipstick in Sepia No.12 and Matt lip velvet in No.304 Redwood.


The Soft satin lipstick in Sepia No.12 is a beautiful sheer brownish red on me.. it looks more mauve in the tube.. I like it on me as it is a colour, after I applied it looked very nice even without a lipliner. It is not as long lasting though because of the satin finish and more of a day lipstick for me.



I like this colour a lot and feels hydrating on the lips.. I used it for a few hours yesterday and so cannot give you a full review.

Also, I got the Redwood No 304 in a lovely plummy brown shade.. its great for the evening or a night time event. It is smooth and very velvety on the skin ;-).. Again, I cannot give you a full review as I only wore it a few hours this morning. I do like the shade and the opaqueness of the lipstick though.


Yes the two shades are very similar but different in texture and look.. I like the first one for an everyday look.. and the Redwood would be a great night time lipstick.

I also got an eye liner in the shade midnight ash No. 03, this is a dark greyish/green shade I have worn it in the pictures..it is not very creamy though and although not as dark as a black… is a nice shade to create an under eye shadow. Not much to say on that as its a very generic kind of eye pencil. Nothing very impressive but a nice shade if you dont have something like that.

Hope you all having a great day and hope this helps to see the colours on my skin tone incase you were looking for similar shades. sorry I cannot tell you too much about the staying power of each lipstick as I have not used it that often.. this is more of a ‘what I bought recently’ post than a review.

Have a great week.


One thought on “Burberry makeup haul!

  1. snehal

    The shades so pretty..Im in love with the packaging..so sleek n the lipstick bullets have such a cute design or texture…very nice


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