Hi Everyone!

Happy Mothers Day to all the wonderful mothers!.. hope you have had a great day today.

Firstly, I have to apologize to all of you, for being MIA for so long!… it started due to the fact I had to leave to go to India suddenly and then got back and didn’t feel inspired enough.. was just in a kind of bloggers block???… hmmm… maybe there’s no such thing.. but you know, just not feeling it..sigh..anyways, then I had to go back to India and now I’m back and hope to get back to adding some new posts very soon.

Summer is almost here in Hong kong and with it tons of sandals, summer clothes, swim wear, shorts, etc..etc… so exciting and inspiring … I shall try to do posts on what to wear to beat the heat!!..My posts are practical wear and hopefully not impractical ..as I wish I had these super sexy stilettos and caged heals and stuff..but I will never wear them in real life…so you will see me in flats, sandals, wedges and shoes that are comfy and hopefully chic!

Here is a pic of my outfit to an event in India..it was hot and humid and so I decided to go with a solid coloured dress..nothing too fancy as I needed to be able to run around and help with the party etc.. so it was unfussy but still chic (or so I think 😉 ) .. I loved the colour and thought it was perfect for the summertime.. I forgot a pair of shoes that I wanted to wear with the dress which were more glitzy than the ones Im wearing…. it would have added a more fun element to the dress..oh well, next time I wear the dress maybe! 😉



Outfit details- Dress- G200, Shoes- Aldo, Necklace and bracelet- Accessorize.


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