Hi Everyone, Hope you’re having a good week. Here in Hong Kong the weather is slowly starting to cool down, making it that perfect Autumn weather that is cool but not too cold. I love this time of year and hope it stays like this for at least a couple of months 😉 My outfit today was inspired by my striped dress that I wore in the summer but with tights and boots and a jacket is great for this… Read more »

Hi Everyone, Hope you’re all doing well.. today I chose to do a blog post after a long break. Hope to do them more regularly.. but thats what I always think. The outfit I chose is something you can wear to the mall to go shopping on a weekend, to pick up your kids from school, or a casual outing with your family.. its easy and super, super comfy!!.. my moto as I grow more ‘mature’ is to look cute… Read more »

Hi Everyone, Hope you all had a great summer. My summer was one to remember.. vacation and outdoor activities galore.. made for a tiring but fun summer. Back in hong kong the weather seems to be still hot and humid and makes you want to put on shorts and a tee.. cotton and linen are my fabrics of choice here in this humid weather. I love just throwing on a cotton summer dress with sandals for casual outings. I found… Read more »

Hi Everyone, Hope you all having a great Sunday!. Here in Hong kong the Sunday started with a thunderstorm warning, and yes there were thunderstorms.. but after 10;30 am changed to very hot weather warning.. and yes the weather outside is really HOT!!… So of course we decided to go to the mall and hang around and have lunch..which turned out to be Sushi. Now back home and with all that rice and soy sauce and fish.. I feel my… Read more »

Hi Everyone, Hope you all doing good.. I know in many parts of the world its the height of summer and some places still cool…but here in Hong Kong it seems like we are already very much into summer.. the weather is hot and humid and even though I love the summertime.. it can get a bit too hot to venture out without feeling like you need to put on sunblock, take your sunnies, take an umbrella and just all… Read more »

Hi Everyone, Hope you’re all having a nice weekend. Here in Hong Kong the weather is kind of undecided at the moment.. it rains and its hot and its sunny and its dull and then it pours down !!.. humid and hot and rainy.. not the perfect combination 🙁 I decided to do an outfit post that is great for vacation  and also on those days when you want something cute and casual that is comfortable for this kind of… Read more »

Hi Everyone, Todays post is once again a summer outfit .. this one is beach appropriate and would also look good as vacation wear.. its a simple white dress that you can throw on when in a hurry or just want something cool and summery to wear. I found this one at F21 in India.. I love white, cotton and cotton lace so this dress just screamed out to me as soon as I saw it. Also its so easy… Read more »

Hi Everyone, Finally I got to post an outfit post.. yay!.. it’s a beautiful hot and sunny day out here in Hong kong.. I love the summer though, so cannot complain! I got this dress the other day at H&M and am loving it for the upcoming summer months and wanted to do this post so you can look for it or something similar.. I love cotton, linen and prints for the summer.. well this dress is not cotton on… Read more »

Hi Everyone, I have wanted to talk about these two makeup products I bought on my trip to India recently. Both are great purchases and I am happy I got them. The BB cream was a recommendation from my sister as she had read good reviews about it. and the lipstick was just me being my usual impulsive self.. cannot-resist-lipsticks!!!!. The first one I shall talk about is the one I am loving at the moment and dreading running out… Read more »

Hi Everyone, Hope you’re having a great day.. I was inspired to write a post after doing some damage at the Burberry counter yesterday. I got two lipsticks and one eye liner. The two lipsticks are very similar in shade but different in texture.. one is a soft satin and one a long wearing matt. They do not look too summery, but I loved the look on my skin tone and decided to get them. the packaging of the lipsticks… Read more »