Hi Everyone, The weather here in Hongkong is still hot and humid and even though there are days when you feel like Autumn is setting in, it quickly turns around and is hot and humid again..sigh..waiting for the weather to cool down. Today I went to Uniqlo to browse around and ended up getting this super comfy jogger style pant.. I love that its so comfortable and the material is a great thickness to take me into Autumn and winter…. Read more »

Hi Everyone, Hope your weekend is going great. Today is a wonderfully hot and humid day in Hong kong!!.. This jumpsuit, I found recently while browsing at Zara, as I normally do ;-).. I love it because its super convenient and super comfy. Just slip it on and you’re good to go!!. all you need are some nice shoes. I chose navy as I wanted to have a one colour look for a leaner me! I don’t know how well… Read more »

Hi All, Hope you’re all doing great. Today I wanted to talk about fall/winter 2016 trends and what I myself look forward to adding to my closet for the upcoming fall/winter season. I already did a post on the shoes I have collected so far for the season and so would like to talk about what I would get to go with those πŸ˜‰ The first trend I am excited about is Faux Suede– Jackets, dresses and even shoes or… Read more »

Hi Everyone, Hope you all have wonderful weather wherever you are! … here in Hong Kong its still summer and the weather is hot and humid and so this summer jumpsuit from Zara was calling out to me today πŸ˜‰ I got it recently on the sale at Zara, its such a cool summery piece and I absolutely love the print on it. jumpsuits are such a great option for summer as its like wearing a dress but it has… Read more »

Hi Everyone, Today being Sunday wanted to do an outfit post. This outfit was inspired by the hot and humid and rainy weather here in Hong Kong!. It started out a rainy day which finally cleared up and went on to being hot, and sunny and humid!.. I know these jeans don’t really scream hot weather appropriate but they are ultra comfortable and flattering (or so I think) πŸ˜‰ and so decided to go with them. A decision I did… Read more »

Hi Everyone, Hope you’re having a wonderful week. I want to share some new shoes I got for the upcoming fall/winter season this year. I am terribly excited about them and look forward to using them over the next few months and bringing them out again next year! I did manage to get all of them on sale so that is even more fun. Unfortunately the sale is over ;-( But I did manage to find the links to them…. Read more »

Hi Everyone, I finally decided to do a blog post today.. I love doing this and missed it a lot and so decided I’m going to keep doing it as long as I feel inspired to do these posts. Hope it brings you some joy and inspiration. πŸ˜‰ Today I decided to wear my Zara dress, its been with me for a while and I’ve not had a chance to wear it to any formal occasions but this dress is… Read more »

Hi All,   Hope you’re all having a great weekend. I know I have been away for a while, was not feeling really inspired and motivated to do blog posts and am sorry for that. Hope to stay more consistent. (fingers crossed) My weekend is going great due to the fact the weather in Hong kong is warming up and even though its been raining its been pleasant without been too cold and windy. The inspiration for this outfit came… Read more »

Hi Everyone, After a long break and not really feeling up to writing a post, I finally felt the need to do a post today!! I am sorry for the long absence and hope you all had a wonderful 2015 and all the very best for the year 2016!! 2015 definitely has been a year for me to finally come to terms with using up products I have and not jumping on the next trendy lip product or blush out… Read more »

Hi Everyone, Hope you’re all having a great week and looking forward to doing something exciting for Halloween!!. Want to talk to you about my recent short trip to Vietnam. I am someone who loves to travel and every travel destination I make is always something that gives me a lot of happiness and pleasure. Β We went for a very short break over my sons mid-term holidays. The aim was a place nearby and within the budget πŸ˜‰ .. we… Read more »