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Snagged a great deal today at Cotton On! A cute summer kimono for $60 Hkd! … Uh huh!!.. That’s right.. super excited! 😉 I must admit I wasn’t going to pay a ton for a trendy piece like  this .. I kind of have to be sure its worth it .. Although after saying that was veery tempted to get one from Asos.com but resisted the temptation and decided to try a few on before actually putting down the moolah for for one!

I tried some at H&M and was badly disheartened as I thought it looked like I’d just got out of the bathroom in my bath robe!!.. eek..

I put it off as being one of those trendy pieces I wasn’t going to buy .. then I popped into Cotton On today and saw tons of them all over and they got me thinking again.. hmmmm… I should try them on again.. as they were of a different cut rather than the typical bath robe kind.

And lo and behold I kinda liked this one.. it was comfy and had a cute print and the price made me think… 😉


I chose to style it very casually to go to the beach or just lounging around with friends..going to the coffee shop..etc..etc..;-) Threw on a pair of denim shorts and a black cami top and the kimono.


The shoes are the Dolce Vita Archer Sandals bought on Amazon.com. Very comfy and versatile.. got them at a bargain..sorry but don”t remember the exact cost but around $350 Hkd. Please excuse the nobby toes!



If you are intrigued and want to get a kimono for the summer hop on over to Cotton On.. or go to Asos if you don’t have a Cotton On near you.. H&M too has a few of them.. and F21 too.

Here are a few I really liked on Asos.com


Available here


Available here


This one sadly is out of stock but I absolutely adore the fringe and if I was a hippy and lived in France .. as that is my dream!.. Well, living in France at least..hehehe.  I would be wearing this and walking the streets of Paris without any slippers and flowers in my hair.. hmmm.. ok sorry that sounds weird.. but its so pretty. 😉

look for it here

Outfit details

Kimono – Cotton On

Cami- H&M

Shorts- H&M

Bag- Michael Kors

Sandals- Dolce Vita Archer Sandals bought on Amazon.com

Earrings- F21 (I think) just silver hoops,


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