Hi Everyone,

Hope you’re all going to have a great weekend. Hong kong is still experiencing summer which is great, the weather is hot and humid though leading me to seek shelter in the indoors during the day and only venturing out in the evenings when the sun is not so hot and its a bit cooler.

My husband suggested the idea of going down to Macau for an evening out for just the two of us.. how could I refuse!. Macau, is just an hour away from Hong kong and comparable to the Las Vegas of the western world! (in my opinion at least). It was a fun evening, we took some pics for my blog, went for a leisurely dinner (which sadly as I did not do much research on where to eat there, was a bit of a disaster) .. got some noodles that tasted hmmm… lets just say not compatible to my taste buds! ;(.. then hit the casinos for a bit.. luckily we neither lost nor won… hehehe..  expect for 100 HKD which I made playing the slot machines.

I decided to wear my white cotton dress from Ralf Lauren, its super comfy and ideal for the current weather. Also, its really easy to wear for a day or night in the summertime.



I must admit I did not buy this dress at full price but from a lady selling it at a huge discount (lucky!)

I styled it with one of my favourite bags of all time!, My LV Alma!. I got this last year during the fall and it was the new colour in then.. I love it as its not black and so adds some colour to any outfit. Its also so well made that its like carrying a work of Art along with you 😉


I must say I am quite delighted with these photographs that were taken in the lobby of the Galaxy hotel in Macau, its so different from my otherwise sober and a tad bit boring backgrounds!



Here, as you can see I have a peacocks tail .. grin..




I carried my cropped white cardigan for the ride on the ferry, as it was freezing in there and I was so glad I had carried this along.


The next photograph is the huge chandelier in the lobby of the hotel where this huge diamond emerges at certain times and they have this ‘diamond light show’ on for all the people in the lobby at the time to enjoy’ 😉


We also took pics of these beautiful Autumn lanterns on display … so pretty..




This is the outside of the hotel.. very impressive.. so if you’re making a trip to Macau make sure to check out the Galaxy, if only to roam about in its lobby area and take some glitzy pictures 😉


Outfit details –

Dress- Ralph Lauren, (old) love this one here especially its simple cut and it can be worn with black boots and a blazer for the fall 😉

Shoes- Next available here and I love these ones here too!

Bag- LV Alma, similar style available here at Zara now. If you’re looking for a similar colour then this one here is lovely!

Cardigan- Old Navy, similar available here.. sorry this is a US site but you can order online if you’re in Hk and few other countries that Old Navy ships to.

Earrings- Accessorize, Rings- Wedding bands and the silver peace ring from H&M, Watch- My ever faithful Swatch and Links bracelet available at any Links store.

Have a fun weekend and thank you for reading..


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