Hi Everyone, Hope you all have wonderful weather wherever you are! … here in Hong Kong its still summer and the weather is hot and humid and so this summer jumpsuit from Zara was calling out to me today 😉 I got it recently on the sale at Zara, its such a cool summery piece and I absolutely love the print on it. jumpsuits are such a great option for summer as its like wearing a dress but it has… Read more »

Hi Everyone, Today being Sunday wanted to do an outfit post. This outfit was inspired by the hot and humid and rainy weather here in Hong Kong!. It started out a rainy day which finally cleared up and went on to being hot, and sunny and humid!.. I know these jeans don’t really scream hot weather appropriate but they are ultra comfortable and flattering (or so I think) 😉 and so decided to go with them. A decision I did… Read more »

Hi Everyone, Hope you’re having a wonderful week. I want to share some new shoes I got for the upcoming fall/winter season this year. I am terribly excited about them and look forward to using them over the next few months and bringing them out again next year! I did manage to get all of them on sale so that is even more fun. Unfortunately the sale is over ;-( But I did manage to find the links to them…. Read more »

Hi Everyone, I finally decided to do a blog post today.. I love doing this and missed it a lot and so decided I’m going to keep doing it as long as I feel inspired to do these posts. Hope it brings you some joy and inspiration. 😉 Today I decided to wear my Zara dress, its been with me for a while and I’ve not had a chance to wear it to any formal occasions but this dress is… Read more »