Hi Everyone, Hope you’re all having a great week and looking forward to doing something exciting for Halloween!!. Want to talk to you about my recent short trip to Vietnam. I am someone who loves to travel and every travel destination I make is always something that gives me a lot of happiness and pleasure.  We went for a very short break over my sons mid-term holidays. The aim was a place nearby and within the budget 😉 .. we… Read more »

Hi Everyone, Hope you’re having a good week. Here in Hong Kong the weather is slowly starting to cool down, making it that perfect Autumn weather that is cool but not too cold. I love this time of year and hope it stays like this for at least a couple of months 😉 My outfit today was inspired by my striped dress that I wore in the summer but with tights and boots and a jacket is great for this… Read more »

Hi Everyone, Hope you’re all doing well.. today I chose to do a blog post after a long break. Hope to do them more regularly.. but thats what I always think. The outfit I chose is something you can wear to the mall to go shopping on a weekend, to pick up your kids from school, or a casual outing with your family.. its easy and super, super comfy!!.. my moto as I grow more ‘mature’ is to look cute… Read more »