Hi Everyone, Happy Diwali! Diwali is just over and I hope everyone had a wonderful time .. we went out for a lovely Diwali dinner with another family, it was a nice way for us to spend the holiday. I do not celebrate Diwali myself but since I have lived in Mumbai till I was 21 years old, Diwali was always a time to celebrate and enjoy the freshly made mithai at the sweet shops, light crackers and sparklers. I… Read more »

Hello Everyone, Hope you’re having a great day!.. My Sunday was lovely.. very leisurely and not-much-to-do kinda day which is perfect for a Sunday 😉 This post is dedicated to a friends birthday party theme.. Dress Code- Oriental .. She looked absolutely gorgeous! My take on it, is the outfit below. I decided to opt for a top that was basically a traditional Chinese style. I got this particular one at a touristy stall in Central in one of the… Read more »

Hi Everyone, Today was a warm day here in Hong Kong.. so warm that it almost didn’t feel like we are already in October!..sigh.. thought it would be time to wear my boots and jackets but feels like the only comfortable attire is shorts or linen trousers!.. with tank tops, as its really, really warm…hmmm..did I already mention that? My outfit for the day was inspired by my lacy top got on sale at H&M… I have seen this top… Read more »

Hi Everyone, Ok ladies, your girl here coming to you with the perfect pair of black skinnies.. Now lets see, if you’re anything like me and refuse to give up on bread, rice and muffins!!..yes, muffins..then well lets just say finding the perfect pair of black skinny jeans is something of a challenge.. ok not something its a BIG, BIG challenge.. I have been looking at blogs, and styling videos and I finally decided ok I am going to Topshop… Read more »

Hi Everyone, Hope you’re having a great weekend. My weekend started off with sleeping in and just chilling out with nothing much on the POA for today. I decided to do an outfit of the day for my post today … I was dying to feature my new espadrilles I bought when in France, specifically Lourdes. I love them for their comfort and uniqueness.. I was caught between all the lovely colours they had and finally decided on these as… Read more »

Hi Everyone, Sorry I have been MIA for so long but I’ve been on vacation to France- Paris and Lourdes…yes, it was wonderful and I would love to live there and be a Parisien eating baguettes and drinking wine for the rest of my life and still looking so stylish and slim…. sigh..  daydreaming again.. ok back to my post!! As I mentioned in one of my earlier vacation posts.. I am NOT a light packer I love to have… Read more »