Hi Everyone, Hope everyone’s having a great day!!.. happy summer holidays!!. Today being saturday it ‘s a wonderful lazy day for our family.. my son, husband and me woke up late and it felt wonderful as the summer holidays have started!! …yay! Yesterday, I went to Central (downtown in HK 😉 )  .. to hit the new Zara store that has opened up there with four floors for clothing.. men,women and children!!.. had a quick lunch with husband which consisted… Read more »

Hi Everyone, Hope you all doing well. I love going to Zara, always find a lot of stuff that I love and want !!.. Recently I have not been buying a lot of handbags as I typically buy one or two real nice ones and then feel guilty to get any more!.. and with summer here, bright colours are everywhere and to spend a lot on a bright coloured bag that may not go with everything and I can buy… Read more »

Hi Everyone, Hope everyone is having a great weekend!.. Over here in Hong Kong it is definitely summer but we also have occasional days of rain and thunderstorms. This weekend was one of those days. I had a communion party to attend and so decided to wear something cool and comfy to go with the uncomfortable heat and rainy weather!. This dress is such an effortless piece that can be dressed up or down depending on your shoes and accessories…. Read more »

Hi Everyone, Hope you’re having a great weekend! Weather here is Hong kong is definitely keeping up to the summer months and its crazy hot! I put this outfit together for this lazy hot summers day. I love the combination of Red and white .. I just feel it looks super summery and breezy with the bright red adding that dash of summer to this outfit.. if that makes any sense 😉 I got these trousers last year at H&M….. Read more »

Hello Again, Yes Inspiration has hit again!!… So here we go!… please step onto the fashion express… cheesy?..who knows, who cares!? 😉 Went for an ‘open house’ pre-loved clothes sale today and got a summer dress for a hundred hkg dollars…woo hoo!… happened to chance upon it.. Anyways long story short..saw it ..tried it..liked it…got it and now telling you about it.. Summer dresses are such a fun way to add  variety to your summer wardrobe and they are just… Read more »

Hi Everyone, Snagged a great deal today at Cotton On! A cute summer kimono for $60 Hkd! … Uh huh!!.. That’s right.. super excited! 😉 I must admit I wasn’t going to pay a ton for a trendy piece like  this .. I kind of have to be sure its worth it .. Although after saying that was veery tempted to get one from Asos.com but resisted the temptation and decided to try a few on before actually putting down… Read more »

Hi Everyone, Hope you’re all having a great Sunday!.. Over here in Hong kong the weather is hot and humid and summer is definitely here!..Its great! Although keeping cool and looking chic is a challenge..My choice to keep cool in this climate is linen or cotton .. 😉 .. linen dresses, pants, tops anything made of linen is ideal for this weather!.. cotton is another great option when its hot and humid. My linen dress I got when I was… Read more »