Hi Everyone, Today is a wonderful day and weather here in Hongkong definitely feels like spring is in the air!. I styled my outfit today around the simple white tshirt that is so fun and great when the weather gets warmer. My tshirt is from H&M and I love it 😉 This white tshirt is an ideal staple in any girl/womans wardrobe as it can be dressed  up or down, wear it  with jeans and some great heels or with… Read more »

Hi Everyone, Its Monday and I hope everyone is starting off the week on a positive note 😉 My Monday started with my beloved NW35 concealer falling and shattering to bits!!… luckily I was almost at the end of it.. or it would have been a moment when tears would have flowed, as its my favourite..sigh.. Anyways, I did have a backup as I always get a new one once its almost reaching the end!!..sooo I could do Makeup Monday!..yay… Read more »

Hi lovelies, Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!.. Today is one of those fantastic weather days when you just want to have an ice-cream (Which I did!) and lie on the beach (not done yet ;( ) Todays post is a lazy day post guys..  I wore this outfit to church today.. liked it and thought you know what.. this is my Blog post outfit! 😉 This outfit is ideal for a day like today.. when its warm, with… Read more »

Hi My lovelies, Hope you are all having a fabulous week!.. Today is a day when it is super cold outside and also rainy so what better day to wear my leather jacket and graphic tee!! Graphic tees are available everywhere and have been a trend for a long time!.. I love them for their casual edgy vibe.. all you need are a pair of jeans and boots and voila.. you feel like a bad girl!!…ahahahaaha.. Ok sorry that is… Read more »

Hi Everyone, Another Monday and another day to talk about make-up 😉 Today I am excited to share with you a new acquisition and that is my Clinique Cheek pop,Blush pop blush  (grin .. that is the name) in Berry Pop. It is one of the new Blushes that Clinique has come out with for Spring 2014. They come in four shades Berry Pop, Plum Pop, Peach Pop and Ginger Pop. These blushes are said to give you an effortless, natural… Read more »

Hi Everyone, Hope you’re having a fantastic weekend. Overhere in Hong kong the weather has improved considerably and is now a comfortable 16 degrees celcius!!… yaaay! Anyhow!, weather aside I recently came across this Indian Actress and was blow away by her fashion and street style… lovin her at the moment!!!.. I am horrible and rubbish at anything related to Bollywood as frankly speaking not really a big fan;( ..sigh.. I do love to watch a good Hindi movie now… Read more »

Hi Everyone, Hope your week is going well.. few more days before the weekend and more importantly before Valentines Day!!.. woohoo.. Overhere in Hong kong the weather has taken a 360 degree turnaround and its freezing cold and dull and also rainy!!… so I thought I’d do a rainy weather post;-) Rainy days are days when you have to think carefully before putting on your best clothes and shoes as you definitely don’t want to ruin them.. so I thought… Read more »

Crosswires is a lipstick  I saw on an Indian Youtuber called Indianbeautie… this is her blog.. I enjoy reading her posts and also looking at her fashion pictures and travel pics. It is a lovely Coraly/pinkish shade… bright and looks great for the spring and summer!!.. I think it looks lovely on Indian skin tones and on days when you feel you don’t want to put on too much make-up but just a nice bright lipstick and some eyeliner then… Read more »

Hi Everyone, Hope you are all having a great weekend! W ell, it is rainy and dull and wet and cold here in Hong Kong… so for me that means staying indoors with a hot cup of chai and some McVities chocolate covered digestive biscuits!!..hehehehe… so bad yet sooo good. Today I wanted to share with you some of my intentions on starting this blog.. Do I think I am a Fashionista!!- No, I don’t actually.. there are sooo many… Read more »

Hi Everyone, Hope you are having a great week. Today I have chosen the casual and very comfortable ‘Shirt dress’ to talk about. Its one of those dresses that are ideal when going on holiday as they are super comfy and with a nice comfy pair of shoes can be a chic and comfy holiday outfit ;-), or even worn on a casual day to meet friends, have brunch and just walk around on a day off .. I have… Read more »